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‘Courage calls’

“‘Courage calls,’’’ Carmel Pine Cone – June 17, 2022

The June 10 Pine Cone quotes Rep, James (Jimmy to his adherents) Panetta as claiming he “serves everybody” including Republicans.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  The Democrat Party today serves policies of internal economic turmoil, racial division, laxity of criminal prosecution, globalist notions of weakened American military and economic influence, porous borders and, as the very excellent video “2000 Mules” produced by Dinesh D’Souza staggeringly exposes, large-scale voter fraud.

Millions of Americans do not share Rep Panetta’s platitudes of serving them when he instead loyally serves these Democrat policies that are so horribly corrosive to American security and well-being.

Unfortunately, too few of these millions still reside in California having joined an exodus of citizens well aware of the one-party California leadership that has so severely diminished the quality of life in this state.

In 1974 several Republican members of Congress, in an incredibly courageous political act, confronted President Nixon in the White House and called for him to resign over the Watergate debacle.  This display of putting the American people above party loyalty assuredly helped push Nixon to decide to do exactly that.

In 1971 a young Leon Panetta, James’ father, departed the Republican Party likely because of Nixon’s leadership, so there was evidence of integrity in this act as well.  But at that time the Democrat Party was still essentially the party of Truman and JFK, both fervent anti-communists and loyal to the American public.  The current White House occupant, seemingly preoccupied with loyalty to his own son’s incredible criminality, eating ice cream cones, and advancing these Democrat policies, is a tragic antithesis to those former Presidents.

Panetta could better serve his constituents by emulating Barry Goldwater in confronting presidential corruption in his own party, or following his own father’s example by setting country above partisanship and abandoning the rutted pathway of the Democrat Party today.  Courage calls, Rep Panetta.  But doubting the likelihood of such, I will be voting for Jeff Gorman in November.

     Richard S. Hellam, Seaside