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Clean up voter registrations

“Clean up voter registrations,” Carmel Pine Cone–May 13, 2022

Anyone who doubts that California’s voter records are not up to date and are subject to fraud should consider the endless stream of mail-in ballots my oldest son keeps receiving. He moved to Nevada more than nine years ago, changing to a Nevada driver’s license and mailing address way back then and voting in Nevada.

California’s flawed voter records still cause him to be sent mail-in ballots to our home, despite his years-ago move, failure to vote here and repeated requests to be dropped from the records. He also gets requests for jury duty, despite replying repeatedly that he doesn’t live here.

I tear up his illegal California ballots, but how many hundreds of thousands of similar falsely mailed ballots statewide are harvested by party crooks to vote illegally?

Friends have told me the same thing — they get lots of ballots for people who have never even lived at their house. If everyone who ever got a driver’s license and moved or died still gets ballots mailed to an old address for nearly 10 years, the state’s voter fraud opportunities are unimaginable at big apartment complexes, nursing homes or crooked return mail dumps thanks to California’s insane “ballot harvesting” laws that let paid “harvesters” turn in tens of thousands of gathered ballots without any signature checks or IDs.

California needs to clean up its flawed voter records, demand IDs to vote like other nations do and stop all “ballot harvesting.” But that is how Newsom’s “progressive” machine keeps a total grip on power. I am sick of it, but California Democrats like it that way. Do you?

Frank Louis Blair Koucky III, Carmel Valley