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New York Post faces

“New York Post faces,” Carmel Pine Cone – April 8, 2022

To all of those intelligence “experts” whose pictures appeared on the front of the New York Post: You are responsible for the devastation going on in our world today.

I read Miranda Devine’s book about the corrupt Biden family. You knew the information on the Hunter Biden laptop was genuine before the election, but you chose to lie about it and dismiss it as “Russian disinformation.”

Now we have the weakest and worst president ever. The Biden administration is composed of incompetents who are running our country. We now have running away inflation and an open southern border.

The 13 young servicemen and women who died in the debacle of leaving Afghanistan died because of you. Their blood is on your hands. The thousands being slaughtered in Ukraine are dying because of you. Their blood is also on your hands.

Your Judgement Day will come, believe me.

Gail Howard, Monterey