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Historical facts

“Historical facts”, Monterey Herald – Sept. 22, 2021

The recent “Texas going down wrong path” letter is mostly hyperbole not rooted in historical facts.  The National Socialists of Germany were extremely socialist. The Führer, for instance, declared himself a “fanatical socialist.” The Nazis enhanced socialized medicine programs, imposed nationwide price and rent controls, engaged in government-guaranteed job programs, banned private charity, destroyed the partly sovereign German states (state rights), imposed high taxation, nationalized education, and proposed to shut down the German stock exchange.

But they did not stop there. Nazi Germany started World War II with their new ally, the Soviet Union. They confiscated hundreds of German and Austrian monasteries and replaced Christian crosses with swastikas. By 1943, they had confiscated or created 500 large government-operated companies and set up over 8,000 government-operated day nurseries. Joseph Goebbels often boasted that the National Socialists had created the most extensive welfare state in modern history. Does this sound like Texas? No, but wait, does it sound like Biden?

— Lawrence Samuels, Carmel