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Viral evidence

“Viral evidence”, Carmel Pine Cone – June 11, 2021

I know something about the genome of the Covid-19, since I was a member of the Princeton research team that decoded the first Messenger RNA genome. It is quite clear that this virus originated in the Wuhan Bioweapons lab, especially after publication in the Wall Street Journal that Wuhan Lab workers had Covid as early as November 2019.

We know the lab was engaged in “gain of function” research to create new viruses more deadly than any earlier coronavirus strains. We also know now that the Obama/Biden administration funded the Wuhan Lab $3.7 million. This would also explain China’s millions in bribes to Hunter Biden, as confirmed by the New York Post, Hunter’s laptop and Tony Bobulinski’s testimony.

If you need further proof of the Wuhan origin, note that the WHO report has not found any animal intermediary to support the wild theory that a dead bat infected a pangolin, which then infected a human. Furthermore, the genome sequence strongly suggests human engineering, and the disease development indicates a virus with unusual properties of human lung attack and ability for asymptomatic transmission.

Dr. Tony Fauci’s recent email releases show he was informed by Wuhan Lab insiders in early 2020 that the genomic sequence resembles a virus of engineering origin.

Dr. C. Michael Hogan, Carmel