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Hate crimes hysteria

Hate crimes hysteria—Carmel Pine Cone, April 30, 2021

Once again, the Democrats, led this time by our own Congressman Panetta (Pine Cone, April 23), are attempting to inject more division amongst the American people for their own political purchase. The new hysteria regarding hate crimes against Asian-Americans is just that, hysteria. Two family members recently asked my wife (of Philippine heritage) if she was afraid to go out by herself. She scoffed at the absurdity of it.

We have shrill warnings beamed at us by the propagandists citing hate crimes against Asians as increasing as much as 150 percent in one year. On the face of it, that is actually true in the case of San Jose. However, one needs to note that this is a highly disingenuous claim as the “Asian hate crimes” in that city of slightly over a million people increased from 4 in 2019 to 10 in 2020. Hardly a crime target group in a city with 38 percent of the population being Asian.

There is a more definite dynamic to many supposed “hate” crimes. Most predators, animal or human, go first for the weak and infirm. Many of the current victims categorized as Asian were more specifically either female or elderly.

Democrat Party leaders know full well the power of harvesting turmoil. Turmoil is the perfect foil for more government action, more tax expenditures, more controls on our everyday lives. We have certainly seen that boldly evidenced this past year.

–Richard S. Hellam, Seaside