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Examine the facts

Examine the facts — Monterey Herald, April 13, 2021

According to the CDC, one in every four deaths in the USA — 655,000 deaths every year — is from cardiovascular disease alone, and various reports show about 78 percent of COVID cases resulting in hospitalizations have been of persons who are overweight or clinically obese.

People falling resulted in approximately 126 times more deaths than the deaths where a rifle was used, according to 2018 CDC data.

Could it be that prioritization of federal and state policy focusing on and incentivizing physical exercise and outdoor activity would lead to greater numbers of lives saved, than trying to ban people from exercise of a Constitutionally protected right?  Yes. Absolutely.

Disarming a population is correlated with increasing variance in the expected homicide rate, and results in an increase in homicides. Washington, DC and Chicago are not the worst examples of what happens. When Ukraine was disarmed and starved, historians recall what happened: Holodomor (hunger-extermination). This was a loss of 3 million people – due to government policy. In the United States, based on proportional population figures, that would be about 33 million per year.  Fortunately, more people than that are armed in the USA.

The Second Amendment is a preventative against a future Holodomor.

— Colin Gallagher, Monterey