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A letter of requests to President Joe Biden

A letter of requests to President Joe Biden– Monterey Herald, April 10, 2021

Mr. Biden,

We need a leader that is not worried about flying around the world at 21,000 miles per hour or replacing lead pipes (most of which have been replaced decades ago). Instead, get over your hate of President Trump and your forget your legacy and start doing your job, now!

– Solve the southern border crisis you created by firing Kamala Harris, finishing the wall, telling Mexico to mind its borders and cartels and sending the immigrants back home. Let them apply for citizenship the proper way.

– Stop meddling in states’ rights, let them run their own elections as they see fit. It’s your job to keep the states united, not put them down, admonish them.

-Tell China to back off from Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia and India. Boycott the Chinese Olympics. Tell them to pay us for the pandemic they intentionally infected the world with — $100 trillion should do.

– Hugely build up our Navy, Air Force and Space Force and deter our enemies. That will create good paying jobs. Do it now!

– Finally, take a cognitive test and prove your (in)ability to run this country.
In only three months you have divided us more than ever and your vision will destroy the USA. That is your legacy. But you could change that.

— Wayne Bloechl, Monterey