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Telling the truth is dangerous

Telling the truth is dangerous, Carmel Pine Cone, submitted Oct. 19, 2020, unpublished.

We seem to be entering an era where revealing the truth is very dangerous, treated almost like treason. As in some Orwellian dystopia, lies are now praised and accepted while truths are ignored and denounced. Such thinking distorts our political and moral compass. It plunges us into a crazy world where, as George Orwell once remarked, “telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

We all need to respect, or at least tolerate, other people’s opinion. There is no need to act arrogantly as if we had all the answers. Nobody should be shunned or shut up if they utter divergent opinions. They should not fear for their life, or become blacklisted or lose their jobs because of whom they support for an elective office.

We have already experienced such horrendous tactics under McCarthyism. There is no need to go back to those primitive ways. Everyone should be free to express their version of truth openly, without threat of punishment, vilification or censorship. That is what made America an exceptional nation.

Lawrence Samuels, Carmel