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Tightening up voter security

Tightening up voter security — Monterey Herald, submitted Jan. 12, 2021, unpublished

For decades, much ink has been spilled over voting irregularities. Many voters still maintain that voting fraud caused Al Gore to lose the U.S. Presidency in 2000. After the 2016 elections, many voters contended that Russia interfered with the election, costing Hilary Clinton the Presidency. Some argued that Russian hackers manipulated internet-connected voting machines in the United States.

Something need to be done to secure the vote.

To combat this problem Mexico and other nations have tightened up voting security. They provide citizens with voter credentials, which includes a photo, signature, and thumbprint. During elections, voters are verified through a thumbprint scanner to prevent fraud. Other countries require a paper ballot for every vote cast, creating a backup source to enable accurate recounts.

Voting needs to be fair, equal and secure. Such security measures should stop most of the bickering about voter fraud that is plaguing our nation.

Lawrence Samuels, Carmel