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The age of hypocrisy

The age of hypocrisy — Monterey Herald,  Aug. 21, 2020

We have entered the decade of hypocrisy, where everything is upside down. In protests where Black Lives are supposed to Matter, mostly white crowds berate, attack, and murder black police officers and burn down or destroy minority businesses. This is where criminals are lionized as heroes and self-defending heroes are prosecuted as criminals. It is a world where rioters, arsonists, and looters are acclaimed as peaceful protesters.

The movement to remove Confederate statues morphed into tearing down monuments to President Lincoln and General Grant, who were essential in defeating the Confederacy. Other destroyed statues include abolitionists and Frederick Douglass, the escaped black slave who lead a nation to freedom.

Our decade has seen the English language contorted beyond recognition. When federal agents attempted to protect federal property, they were condemned as “stormtroopers,” but not the marching mob who threw punches, firebombs, bricks, and explosives.

Who is to blame?  Well, apparently it is the fault of white supremacists, who tweet hate from their mother’s basement.

Sadly, the political figures who could stop this madness do nothing, call the violence a myth and encourage more so-called “peaceful” protests.

This is truly the decade of a false world.

–Lawrence Samuels, Carmel