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It’s critical race theory

It’s critical race theory — Monterey Herald, Oct. 10, 2020

I believe Catherine Hambley in “Diversity training is too important to eliminate” has misidentified a recently issued executive order.  The Trump administration banned federal agencies from teaching federal employees “critical race theory” (CRT), not diversity.  CRT is based on the Marxist notion of “struggle,” which seeks to pits races and sexes against each other. It is an anti-diversity theory that threatens to divide the nation into warring racial and sexual tribes.

Critical race theory was conceived to reinterpret society and history to view certain races as “oppressors” and others as the “oppressed.”  Associated with the social theories of the Frankfurt School in Germany, this dangerous theory can only tear society apart instead of bringing them together.

In this time of uncertainty, all members of society need to work together in a peaceful and diversely way.  Teaching people how to hate each other over their differences will not help the situation.
— Lawrence Samuels, Carmel