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Defend right not to protest

Defend right not to protestMonterey Herald, June 3, 2020

People have the right either to protest or not to protest. But that right was denied on San Jose’s Highway 101 when a mob blocked traffic. This angry mob not only stopped traffic but smashed car windows with crowbars, supposedly in protest of the unjust killing of George Floyd.

They were apparently unhappy because these car drivers had not joined them in the streets to engage in violence. These innocent car drivers were likely classified as part of the problem. This attitude is reminiscent of the Fascist-Marxist mindset that clings to arrogance, dominance, and superiority. In essence, these tyrants believe that if you are not with us, you must be against us.

It is time to identify these political ruffians as who they are, authoritarians who harken back to the Germans, Russians and Italians of 1920-40s.

 –Lawrence Samuels, Carmel