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Consequences for bad behavior by Red China

Consequences for bad behavior by Red China – Monterey Herald, submitted April 23, 2020, unpublished

Since the Communist Party of China repeatedly lied to the world about the Covid-19 virus, caused millions to be infected, tens of thousands of deaths, trillions lost in shutdowns, and a worldwide economic depression, something should be done. In fact, thousands of Wuhan citizens, many infected, were steered out of Red China, unleashing the coronavirus to every corner of the Earth. It were as if these communists had deliberately sought to impair and shatter the world.  The Chinese socialist government needs to be held responsible for this pandemic.

So, what can be done?  We should legally allow citizens, companies, and every level of government to sue the Red Chinese authorities for their deadly misconduct. They need to provide reparations. Every country should shut down their Chinese embassy and boot Red China out of the United Nations, along with the World Health Organization for being China’s puppet. There must be consequences for bad behavior, or such atrocities will continue.

But we should also remember that the Chinese people are the real victims. They have been enduring this dictatorship for over 70 years. The Chinese people need to launch another Tiananmen Square revolt.

–Lawrence Samuels, Carmel