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Call it the ‘Communist-19 virus

Call it theCommunist-19 virus’–The Monterey Herald, March 29, 2020

All of a sudden, it has become controversial to name a pandemic after its place of origin. Many past pandemics have been named after their geographical location. But now, somehow this tradition is racist or xenophobic.

Recently, propaganda efforts by the Red Chinese government have focused on trying to pin the blame for this pandemic on America and its military. In fact, some American politicians have dutifully gone along with this fabrication to rewrite history.

Maybe we should rename the Covid-19 virus by another, more appropriate name. Since the Chinese Communist Party ignored the virus for months, forced Chinese doctors to recant their findings, and refused to allow the CDC and other medical researchers to enter China to assist the sick, the name should reflect such outrageous conduct. I suggest the name: “Communist-19 virus.”

The Communist movement has killed over 100 million people since its inception. Communist governments have killed far more people than all past pandemics since modern times. Communism with its socialist system has proven to be the most deadly political virus in the world.

–Lawrence Samuels, Carmel