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To run or not to run

“To run or not to run,” Monterey Herald – April 16, 2023

The job of the President of the United States is to protect its citizens. It is not Joe Biden’s age that is the problem with him (possibly) running for a second term as President. It’s his ineffectiveness as the leader of the United States. Some rather glaring examples include the border crisis which is a major national security issue for our country. Joe Biden and his Democrat administration would want us to believe the border is secure. That statement belies the fact that over 2 million illegal immigrants (not including the “got aways”) have crossed our southern borders. The number of unaccompanied minors, deaths, drug cartel members, terrorist watchlist members, and fentanyl overdoses (so far 100,000 yearly) are all the result of this administration’s neglect in keeping our borders safe.  Joe Biden has made us energy dependent by shutting down the Keystone Pipeline and is willing to deplete our strategic petroleum reserves in an attempt to bring down the price of oil and gas; not what the reserves were intended to be used for and will ultimately cost taxpayers much more money to replace this reserve of oil. Curiously, Joe Biden is willing to purchase oil from other adversarial countries when in fact this country has more oil than it needs. While most would agree that withdrawal from Afghanistan was the right course of action, the way Joe Biden managed the withdrawal from Afghanistan was in error and done in haste (as recently stated in congressional hearings by military personnel). This resulted in the loss of 13 American lives and numerous Afghanistan citizens, leaving approximately 100-200 Americans behind as well as many of our Afghanistan allies, and over $7 billion worth of military equipment that ended up in the hands of the Taliban.

Also of note, we have the highest inflation rate in the country in 40 years, supply chain issues, an increase in crime in major cities, a defunding of the police, a liberal view in cashless bail for criminals including repeat offenders, etc.

Joe Biden and his Democrat administration are more interested in power, government control, and wokeism than they are over the safety and freedom of Americans. It is time for the White House to focus on issues all Americans are facing and not their own political ideology.

— Patricia Nervino, Carmel Valley