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Adam Schiff

“Adam Schiff,” Monterey Herald – Feb. 4, 2023

California Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff is now running for Senate.  He somehow found my email address and told me how he could fend off “dangerous” Trump and other Republican leaders. But why did he leave out his major “accomplishment” during the last few years? He was the congressional cheerleader for the discredited “Russia gate” ruse foisted onto the American people.  Started in 2016, “Russiagaters” concocted the story that Trump and Putin were conspiring to subvert the U.S. electoral process.

The FBI publicly contradicted major portions of the story. Important officials within the Trump and Obama administrations denied its validity. Who believed it then?  The mainstream news media, of course! Schiff again and again appeared on cable news pushing new variations of his story. But the landscape has shifted. Even CNN now challenges him in interviews about Russia gate validity. Unfortunately, the damage is done.

Relations between the U.S. and Russia have worsened rapidly over the last few years; now open and catastrophic warfare is possible. Things were bad enough without Mr. Schiff’s serial lies about Trump and Putin. Now he wants us to forget all about the hellhound he helped unleash so he can join the Senate like some choirboy.

— Thomas F. Lee, Monterey