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Must vote’ for Lawrence Samuels

“‘Must vote’ for Lawrence Samuels,” Carmel Pine Cone – Oct. 14, 2022

A vote for Lawrence Samuels for the Carmel Unified School District Board is a vote to protect our children from the insidious Marxist and transgender movements infecting our nation’s schools. As a parent of Carmel High School graduates, a gifted author and an investigative journalist, he is the only candidate uniquely qualified, through in-depth study, to identify threats and protect our children.

Lawrence will focus on the classic and traditional academic courses as well as training for direct entry into the work force. He opposes ideological conditioning such as the political poisoning of Critical Race Theory, a racist ideology intended to divide with roots in fascism. Such teaching is a reality. My little granddaughter came home from her North Carolina school and said, “I don’t want to be white anymore.”

Lawrence will also oppose the transgender advocacy that’s become so prevalent, such as when Spreckels Union School District parents were unaware that their young daughter had been assigned a male name and told which pronouns should be used. He will guard against such deceit.

A vote for Lawrence is a vote to protect our children. He will be a watchdog for those who might harm them for political or sexual reasons.

George Brehmer, Carmel