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Regarding the Renewal of Sex Ed. Program at Pacific Grove Middle

Regarding the Renewal of Sex Ed. Program at Pacific Grove Middle

By Carol Marquart — May 25, 2023

Being a Pacific Grove resident and grandparent of 9 and 5-year-olds, I took an interest in reviewing the PG Middle School Sex Ed. Program contracted through Planned Parenthood.  A neighbor, who is a PG parent of a 12-year-old, was able to obtain the 8-hour program and I watched a portion of it. I had to ask myself, what is the message of this video and how does it shape the minds and futures of middle school children?  Here is my takeaway:

  1. Planned Parenthood doesn’t care where and with whom a child has sex with.  The video almost assumes that they are having sex already.  If the latter is true, it is immoral (they NEVER use that word) to not use a condom. It is also immoral (again the video never uses that word) if the child does not give her or his consent.  It is also immoral to have sex if the child is drunk or high on drugs. If all these conditions are met (condom, pills, consent, no drugs or alcohol), sex is OK as for as Planned Parenthood is concerned. Forget about your parents.  Planned Parenthood are adults you can trust and value. As I said, the word “moral or immoral” is never used in this program. They use the word “value” instead.
  2. Planned Parenthood recommends the following for the prevention of pregnancy. l. Abstinence 2. The morning after or birth control pills, 3. An IUD.  Abstinence does not require a doctor’s prescription, but the latter two do. Abstinence is viewed merely as an alternative. Birth control, IUD’s and condoms are equivalent.
  3. Planned Parenthood wants to be the child’s friend and confidant.  One video shows a cartoon girl saying to her cartoon friend that if “my mother finds out I am having sex she will kill me, and then she will tell my father!”  The message here is clear.  Do not trust or believe in things your parents tell you.  They might be judgmental (i.e., moral).  Planned Parenthood is at your side and we are “compassionate.” Planned Parenthood has values.
  4. Planned Parenthood offers free and low-cost abortions for all childbearing middle school children. They will not tell your parents.  The video cautions against pregnancy counseling centers.  They have no medical facilities and they may encourage you to have the baby instead of getting an abortion.
  5. The 8-hour sex ed. video will probably take place in a classroom. Each child will have a laptop and probably a headset. A teacher will walk around and monitor the students.  There are scheduled breaks during the video.  Are these breaks intended for questions and discussion, or are they just opportunities to stretch and use the bathroom?  If the latter is true, I think Planned Parenthood has designed a program that discourages critical thinking. Of course, 12-year-olds have probably not yet developed these skills very well, but as an older and wiser adult, who is writing this blog, I have!

Some critical thinking skills to ask might be these”. 1. Where does a 12-year-old have sex?  In the back seat of a car, (not exactly a new idea) in a bathroom stall, in his parent’s basement, or most likely, when mom or dad are at work?

Is sex between consenting 12-14 years old legal?  Are drugs and alcohol use among 12-14-year-olds legal?  Planned Parenthood never asks this question.  Is sex between 12-14-year-olds legal or even desirable?  Will this help them form stronger and more meaningful relationships in the future?  Should moms and dads be made more aware of what “values” Planned Parenthood is transmitting to their kids?  I think so.