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Mayorkas Can’t Answer Basic Border Questions

“Mayorkas Can’t Answer Basic Border Questions” sent to the Gilroy Dispatch on March 30, 2023, not published

United States Senator Cruz in recent committee hearings asked Homeland Security Chief Mayorkas how many migrants per year die in border crossings since Mayorkas and Biden had taken office. Mayorkas said he did not know. Then the Senator showed Mayorkas a graph produced by the Homeland Security Department, showing that migrant deaths have tripled starting the month Biden and Mayorkas took office. The Senator noted this did not account for the additional hundreds of thousands of children and women raped in illegal border crossings and cartel trafficking. It also does not consider the 234,000 young Americans killed from fentanyl since Biden and Mayorkas took office, per U.S. official data.

Mayorkas also could not answer the Senator’s question as to why virtually every entrant to the U.S. had a wristband. Senator Cruz pointed out the color-coded bracelets were worn by the majority of migrants as evidence that the cartels owned the migrant, and had already collected payment from each. Moreover, the bracelet was also coded to show that a given migrant’s debt was yet to be paid to the cartel by sex trafficking or drug trafficking services within the USA. Don’t we deserve a border that is safe for Americans and for migrants? House Resolution 582 was introduced to impeach Mayorkas.

Dr. C. Michael Hogan, Monterey