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Measure J

“Measure J,” Monterey Herald – May 3, 2023

We are all familiar with Lincoln’s statement about politics. In the instance of Measure J it goes, “You only need to fool enough of the people one time, then you’ve got them hooked.” I know what Measure J said and that is why I didn’t vote for it. But what was sold to the voters, and it’s still all over the Public Water Now website is, “Let’s do a feasibility study.” That was the mantra, over and over, and that’s what a great many of the voters believed they were voting for and nothing more. Unfortunately, they didn’t read the rest of Measure J and now are hooked into what may be a very long and costly exercise. There is a way out but those who were deceived need to awaken from the spell of the mantra.

— Ron Chesshire, Monterey