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Affordable housing 2

“Affordable housing”, Monterey Herald – April 30, 2023

I fear the city of Monterey is going the way of other cities that have failed rent stabilization (rent control) policies. It does not work. In fact, it makes the situation worse. Your April 22 editorial urged lawmakers to “forget rent control and concentrate on growing California’s housing stock”

Several people from rent-controlled areas spoke against it at the April 18 Monterey Council meeting. Though well-intentioned, there are unintended consequences.

Landlords would be forced to raise the rent to market rate on current tenants paying low rent and rent would increase every year by the maximum allowable amount. Why would a property owner do any but the most necessary maintenance in the least expensive way possible? Many landowners would simply sell the property, making it available to big corporations only concerned about the bottom line. Also, property owners often convert to condominiums, thus removing rentals from the market.

I believe that more large employers should follow the example set by CHOMP in purchasing housing for their workers. There is land at Ryan Ranch, Fort Ord and Garden Road that could support additional housing units.

Carole J. S. Dawson, Monterey

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