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Hideous drug deaths’

“Hideous drug deaths’Carmel Pine Cone – April 21, 2023

The tragic and sickening death of Carmel High grad Jude Quirinale from a fentanyl overdose shows locally one sad example of the monstrous results of the failed “progressive” experiment in open borders and the release of hard drug dealers that “liberal” voters demanded and got. It has long been known by even our pathetic state and federal politicians that China makes the basic chemicals for fentanyl and meth and ships them easily to Mexico where cartels manufacture vast quantities of the poisons for U.S. markets. The cartels then smuggle them easily over our wide-open borders to be sold openly on our streets by cartel-linked dealers.

“Liberals” must think that the over 932,000 U.S. overdose deaths from 1999 to 2021 and the perhaps 90,000 more deaths in 2022 (CDC source) are somehow desirable as they voted in “progressive” district attorneys and judges who won’t put murderous drug dealers in prison for life as they deserve — that would be “racist,” they say.

“Progressive” idiocy blocks any real border enforcement and a border wall to stop the smuggling of bulk fentanyl from Mexico — that would be “racist” too, they claim — preferring tens of thousands dead to legal borders. The results so far of “progressive” enforcement are a million horrible overdose deaths so far, billions in financial losses, and cities like San Francisco sinking into their “doom loop” of drug addiction, addicted homeless like zombies, and drug-related crime closing stores and businesses. Only voters tired of drug deaths and addiction can stop this by demanding enforcement of our existing laws that block and imprison smugglers and put death-dealing hard drug pushers in jail for life, regardless of race, creed, or color. Are hideous drug deaths “progressive’”?

You choose.Frank Louis Blair Koucky III, Carmel Valley