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HPV vaccine

“HPV vaccine,” Monterey Herald – April 20, 2023

Let us all please oppose AB 659 – HPV/Cancer Prevention Act unless the word “expected” is removed and replaced with “recommended” in the bill. The HPV vaccine only protects against a portion of the strains of the virus. The HPV vaccine actually increases the risk of catching HPV because individuals may then engage in risky sexual behavior thinking that they are protected. The HPV vaccines have a very high frequency of adverse reactions including neurological damage, autoimmune diseases, and even death. Pap testing has decreased markedly cervical cancer deaths and there is no evidence that the HPV vaccine has any positive impact. A significant number of young people will be denied school who will not submit to this entirely inappropriate mandate. The HPV vaccine is ineffective, unsafe, and unnecessary.  Let us please remove the word “expected” and replace it with “recommended” in the bill.

— John Conricode, King City