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Trump’s average Americans

“Trump’s average Americans,” Monterey Herald – April 13, 2023

A recent letter claiming that Trump was not for the average American and that Trump can prove his innocence in a court of law was total nonsense.

Only in dictatorships and fascist courts, does a person have to prove his innocence. In American Jurist Prudence, the person is presumed innocent and the state has to prove he’s guilty.

Before COVID-19 hit America, under Trump, middle-class family incomes increased by $6,000, a record 160 million Americans were employed, jobless claims hit a 50-year low, incomes in every single metric area increased for the first time in 30 years, unemployment rates for African Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans, veterans, the disabled, those without high school diplomas, were at record lows, the unemployment rate for women was at the lowest in 70 years.

The poverty rate for Blacks was at its lowest in history and 7 million Americans were lifted off of the food stamp roles. The bottom 50% of American households saw a 40% increase in net worth.

Trump kept inflation down as gas and food prices were low and kept illegal immigration down which respected the American citizen and passed a right to try medicines for the terminally ill.  And much more for the average American than that.

— Ronald Lomanto, Monterey