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Breach of Trust 1

“Breach of Trust 1,” Monterey County Weekly – March 23, 2023

As of March 20, President Joe Biden has not approved federal disaster assistance for the residents of the devastated town of Pajaro (“Pajaro residents call on county officials to lift evacuation orders, but timeline to return remains uncertain,” posted March 17). Unlike the last storm, where federal disaster assistance was approved, only an “emergency declaration” has been approved. This means Pajaro residents can’t get individual assistance grants, and all local relief efforts and shelter beds are greatly limited, done by charities like the Red Cross rather than FEMA.

It’s worth pointing out the Pajaro flood happened the same week as the Silicon Valley Bank bankruptcy. What else do they have in common? Both are in U.S. Rep. Zoe Lofgren’s congressional district. Silicon Valley Bank received swift, massive federal aid. Pajaro is still waiting.

Jason Johnston | Prunedale