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Wind farms

“Wind farms,” Monterey Herald – Feb. 18, 2023

Federal Fishing Administrator Michael Pentony stated that offshore wind farms are expected to cause “significant damage” to our Atlantic scallops and their fisheries. Think of 900-foot wind towers that entail huge amounts of electric lines and enormous concrete foundations on the ocean floor! This will collapse the New Jersey Atlantic fishery, according to fishing industry sources. We are a state that goes out of its way to preserve the environment and our local wildlife! These wind farms will utterly destroy cod, scallop and clam fisheries in our Atlantic and are also a hazard to our bird wildlife (imagine floating bird carcasses near every wind farm). Not to mention the hazard to ships and boats. Wind energy is fundamentally unreliable, as demonstrated by recent events in Texas, Germany and other locales. The turbines have to be oiled replaced every nine years and are not recyclable. Brookings Institute rates wind behind hydroelectric, nuclear and combined cycle natural gas plants in both economic efficiency and environmental impact. Why is the White House pushing these environmentally destructive wind farms? Can you say: “Virtue signaling?”

— Dalila Epperson, Monterey

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