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Spy balloons 2

“Spy balloons 2,” Monterey Herald – Feb. 15, 2023

We are again beset by the incomprehensible idiots in the swamp. Citing a concern for life and balloon recovery efforts the Biden Administration decides to wait until the spy balloon was over the Atlantic, which enabled China to spy on the width of our country for a number of days. Their response was full of hot air!

Common sense should have commanded the incompetents in DC to consider the options; is it better to spare a few people that possibly may have been impacted by the destruction of the balloon upon entering our airspace in Alaska; or to eliminate the balloon prior to allowing it to gather much intel as it passed over the U.S. which might impact 330 million Americans in the future?  Methinks the latter was the much more sensible and appropriate course of action benefitting the entire country.

Common sense is a luxury in the Biden Administration, alas, I have yet to see any in over two years. Again, their response was extremely tardy and improperly addressed.

— Raymond Souza, Coral de Tierra