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Save natural gas

“Save natural gas,” Carmel Pine Cone—Jan. 13, 2023

Governor Newsom will eventually be vilified as a criminal. He has banned clean-burning natural gas for all residents of California to go into effect in the near future. Californians just went through a series of violent storms. Many homes lost electricity for many hours or days, which is not uncommon in our area. Fortunately, natural gas heats our homes and cooks our food. And what about people who have medical problems requiring heat, food, oxygen—or medicine? Natural gas has been a blessing during increasingly common blackouts.

Moreover, many residents have installed gas-powered generators that automatically turn on during power outages. But that vital energy alternative will soon be phased out, thanks to Newsom and other clueless Democrats.

Instead, electricians would have to be hired at the cost of thousands of dollars to install electric furnaces which would also quadruple our electric bills, and would emit almost quadruple the CO2.

We need both electricity and natural gas. Natural gas is an invaluable backup during dire emergencies. But that personal choice will be taken away. Without natural gas, people will die. The government is supposed to help people, not kill them! Give back our freedom of choice, and our lives.

Sharon Field, Salinas

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