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President Biden– letter 3

“President Biden”– letter 3, Monterey Herald—Jan. 14, 2023

Finally, former President Jimmy Carter, he of double-digit inflation and interest rates, as well as pitifully allowing Iran to hold dozens of U.S. citizens hostage for 444 days can relax and die in peace knowing that he is no longer the worst president in the past 100 years of our great country.

That honor, hands down, goes to the current resident of the White House, lying Joe Biden who has a secure border, very low inflation, no crime in our cities, complete respect from foreign countries, no complicity with China and an old collectable Corvette guarding classified papers in his garage.

According to the latest RES poll, President Carter can additionally take more comfort in knowing that he is being pressed for the number two spot by Barack Obama who is scarcely ahead of Bush 1 and Bush 2. Time will tell but methinks Biden will hold that spot for many years. Oops, that is assuming that Kamala Harris is never president.

— Raymond Souza, Corral de Tierra