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Democrats’ policies hurt the less fortunate

“Democrats’ policies hurt the less fortunate,” Santa Cruz Sentinel, Dec. 25, 2022

Californians are wisening up, despite Andrew Goldenkranz’s tirade against Republicans (Guest Commentary, Dec. 13). Californians are realizing that Democrats’ policies in our state impoverish millions, especially the less fortunate.

On a national level, the bumbling Democrats, led by Biden, left an estimated $7.12 billion in military hardware during their Keystone Cops-style withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Biden’s administration has also bungled U.S. efforts to secure our country’s energy independence — all the while begging the Sharia-loving Saudi royals and Marxist Venezuelans for their oil. Meanwhile, in boondoggle California, Newsom fares even worse.

Hard-working Latino families wonder: Why are gas prices so high? Why can’t one afford to pay rent? Why are DMV fees so high? Why are a working person’s wages so low? Why are electrical bills so high? Why are water bills so high? Why is the health care system so expensive?

Why the crushing costs in California? Answer: The Democratic Party and its socialist policies.

— Peter Coe Verbica, Felton