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More inflation

“More inflation,” Monterey Herald – December 24, 2022

The swamp has done it to us again! $1.7 trillion more in spending to add to inflation. Don’t they understand, by their reckless spending, they are responsible for inflation, not the hard-working American people. Along with the 50 socialist Democrats, there were 18 spineless Republicans that enabled the bill to pass the Senate. The lame duck Congress lacked the integrity and common sense to allow the new Congress to work on this bill.

$3.6 million for a Michelle Obama trail and more for a Nancy Pelosi building, not to mention the millions going to Pakistan for God knows what. Also included in this bill is a major overhaul of the 1887 Electoral Count Act, plus an additional $11.3 billion to the FBI, $53 billion to fight further inflation(?) and $576 million for the EPA.

We need to drain the swamp by electing fiscally conservative men and women who will put the American people first and who will balance the national budget without raising taxes.

— Raymond Souza, Corral de Tierra