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“Reparations,” Monterey Herald – Dec. 15, 2022

Democrat (not democratic!) Governor Newsom’s task force committee wants to give $569 billion of our taxpayers’ funds to Blacks in reparations for descendants of enslaved people. Congresswoman Maxine Waters (Dem.) is pushing for banks to pay reparations for past injustice to Blacks.

But what about reparations from the leaders of the Democrat (not democratic!) Party and their elitist billionaire supporters?

The Democrat Party played a major role in supporting slavery in America! They were the only political party that prevented slavery from dying after the slave state of Virginia almost abolished slavery in 1832. They were the only ones who supplied the intellectual ammunition of paternalism (the interference of a state or an individual with another person against their will) to push Southerners away from the Founder’s anti-slavery principles.

They also engaged in the big lie, arguing that slavery is: “instead of an evil, a good – a positive good,” uttered by Sen. John C. Calhoun in an 1837 U.S. Senate speech. How horrible! To bolster this racist nonsense, the Democrats falsely claimed that Black slaves in the South had it far, far better than the free labor in the North. And now the Democrats want all of us to pay for their own atrocities.

If any group needs to atone for injustice, it is the party that championed slavery, instigated the Civil War insurrection and unleashed KKK terrorists upon a defenseless minority. The Democrats need to pay for their own past atrocities. I’d love for them to dig into their own piggy banks for that just cause.

— Dalila Epperson, Monterey