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“Pelosi,” Monterey Herald – Nov. 9, 2022

Saturday’s “Cartoonist Take” showing a bloody hammer with MAGA on the handle implies Mr. Pelosi was feloniously assaulted by a Trump supporter. Consider this: the illegal alien Canadian assailant who lives in a bus with BLM stickers, in the sanctuary city of Berkeley and cannot vote legally, is highly unlikely to be a Trump supporter. He also is a practicing nudist. Does this fit the profile of a MAGA supporter? How many MAGA supporters are there in the SF Bay Area, do you suppose? He obviously has mental problems and should be deported immediately once he serves his sentence. However, California law prohibits jails from notifying ICE when an illegal alien is about to be released. So, Berkeley may be stuck with him. He obviously doesn’t fit the Democrat narrative, so 75 million Trump supporters must be labeled as haters.

— Gregory D. Lee, Pebble Beach