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By Richard Hellam

I guess I have your attention with that bold question. However, despite what the emotional views happen to be on the subjects I address below, the prime consideration in all this is whether Gavin Newsom actually committed crimes via his bully-pulpit actions while mayor of San Francisco and governor of California. Therefore, please consider the following:

In 2004, while mayor of San Francisco, Gavin Newsom openly allowed same-sex marriage within the city. At that time same-sex marriage was illegal per the 1996 federal “Defense of Marriage Act” as well as California’s 1977 AB 607 which defined marriage as the union of a man and a woman. Quite obviously, Mayor Newsom violated both federal and state law in so doing. Remember, we are talking entirely of illegalities here, not merely opinion.

In 2016, then governor of California Gavin Newsom pushed for the use of “recreational” marijuana to be legal within the state (later passed by voter-approved Proposition 64). This violated the federal Controlled Substance Act of 1970 outlawing this usage at that time, and which still remains in effect today.

Governor Newsom has continued the illegal mandate of then-California governor Jerry Brown declaring California a “sanctuary state” (2017) for illegal immigrants in direct contravention of federal immigration laws. He has further enabled and enticed illegal immigration by mandating free Medi-Cal coverage for all illegal immigrants in the state. In so doing, he has purloined the tax dollars of California citizens for the succor of trespassing foreigners.

Governor Newsom recently signed SB 107 into state law. This law defies the authority of parents over their own children, and these immature and confused children are granted sex-altering surgeries in California—-totally without parental consent. This also includes parents and children who are citizens of other states that Newsom has absolutely no authority over. The act of luring children from other states likely violates 18 US Code 1201, also known as the “Lindbergh Law” as a federal interstate crime. This law states that “inveigling” (luring) or “kidnapping” a person across state lines is a federal crime punishable by prison. If such a child were to die as a result of such a surgery then the federal death penalty would apply.

Consider also that Newsom has raised the gas tax even while people have been struggling to manage soaring fuel costs. Newsom has mandated that Californians will soon be unable to purchase gasoline-driven vehicles, gas stoves and heating furnaces, and small gasoline-powered tools such as chainsaws, weed-eaters, and the like. Newsom has already mandated that 30% of California’s energy supply be “green” energy (soon to be 100%). But you must also know that “green” wind and solar cannot keep up with the demand. That, rather than the disingenuously labeled “Public Safety Planned Shutoffs” (PSPS warnings on your utility bills), is the real cause of the electric shutoffs so common in California today.

Newsom has endangered innocents in California by freeing tens of thousands of dangerous felons from prisons. By further allowing “no-bail” releases, and ending the prosecution of thefts below $950 he has made California a very dangerous place to be for residents and tourists alike.

Newsom has constantly emplaced further punitive taxes and restrictions on businesses, which only results in higher costs being passed on to the consumer.

Newsom does not even follow his own diktats, as was painfully evidenced by his exuberant partying without a mask during the Covid timeframe.

What has been presented above are facts that require reason, a love of liberty, and respect for the laws of a civilized society to be considered when casting votes in this election. It is up to you, the voter, to decide if Gavin Newson is indeed a criminal. And, if so, to purge him and his sycophants from state offices.

Brian Dahle, Republican candidate for Governor of California is an antidote to the lawlessness of Gavin Newsom, should your main interest be for California to truly remain The Golden State.

The above are the observations of Richard Hellam, a concerned California citizen.

First published in the Oct. 14, 2022 edition of the Carmel Pine Cone.