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Socialism in P.G.?

“Socialism in P.G.?” Carmel Pine Cone – Oct. 14, 2022

Pacific Grove City Councilwoman Jenny McAdams’ suggestion of a vacancy tax is reprehensible and a disgusting example of an out-of-control government bureaucracy that has turned against its citizens. Any elected official that would even consider this “behind the Iron Curtain” policy is unfit to hold any public office in the United States of America.
I am not sure if such a sickening attack on private property is rooted in extreme greed or personal envy, but either way, McAdams and anyone with similar views should be ashamed.

We are a country that rewards success and hard work. This double tax is a way to punish who have triumphed. How McAdams or any politician thinks they have any business telling a private property owner how and when they must stay at their home is beyond belief. I continue to be amazed at how far into the historical sewer proponents of this tactic are willing to sink. It is simply evil to force private citizens to account for their whereabouts to the government and sickening to suggest the use of jack-booted brown shirts coming out to your home to make sure you are there. That does not sound like America to me.

Knowing full well that an additional $6,000 punitive fine on top of already exorbitant property taxes would force longstanding, part-time residents to sell their homes seems to bring a thrill to those who seek to eliminate private property rights. It is up to the good people of the Monterey Peninsula to make sure that vengeful politicians do not turn our wonderful communities into a place we do not recognize, where our government is no longer of the people, for the people.

Lauren Cohen, Monterey