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Vote against the Democrat agenda

“Vote against the Democrat agenda,” Monterey Herald – Oct. 9, 2022

The Democrat party’s policies have increased homelessness in California and America tremendously. They have increased crime greatly and increased inflation massively, which has led to wage decreases, because of the rise in costs on energy, food, and other basic needs.

So the Democrats have made our quality of life much worse and we are much less safe to walk the streets and subways of our cities. Businesses are being robbed, so often, that many of them are closing.

The Democrats are trying to indoctrinate our kids into sexual preferences, even before puberty, and they are trying to take away the parental rights of moms and dads so that bureaucrats and strangers can raise our kids and push their outlandish political agendas.

Vote no on the Democrat’s agenda in 2022 and bring sanity, safety, and a healthy economy to the American people

— Ronald Lomanto,  Monterey