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Democrats’ social programs are fascist

“Democrats’ social programs are fascist,” Monterey Herald—September 3, 2022

President Biden’s claim that the people opposing him (Republicans) are “semi-fascist” is completely backward. The German National Socialists and Italian Fascists’ policies were more in alignment with the current crop of Democrats and Democratic Socialists.

Historically based policies of fascism included: socialized medicine, extremely high and complicated taxation (including “inflation tax”), centralization (anti-state rights), nationalization of education, massive welfare programs, mandatory labor union (German Labor Front), socialist economics, anti-gun rights, one-party rule, “social justice,” high government borrowing, censorship and suppression of the opposition, racism, anti-capitalism, anti-individualism, anti-religion, price/wage/and rent controls, belligerent nationalism, anti-classical “liberalism.” And finally, they ruled by decree not legislative laws, disempowering local police in favor of a nationalized police force to oppose political opponents.

Most of these fascist policies match the current Democrats to a T!

— Sharon Wood, Carmel