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Democrats deceive

“Democrats deceive,” Monterey Herald – August 16, 2022

Biden has been officially nominated for the “Lie of the Year Award” by many media sources with his absurd inflation speech. Firstly, to state that all countries of the world are experiencing as high an inflation rate as the U.S. rate which hit 9.1; note the following inflation rates of countries on four continents: China 2.1; Japan 2.5; Mexico 3.0; Malaysia 2.2; Bolivia 1.0; Liechtenstein 1.1; Saudi Arabia 2.3; Switzerland 2.5; Ecuador 2.5; Tanzania 3.8; France 4.5. Secondly to blame inflation on the pandemic: Note that the prior Republican administration had kept inflation below 2% throughout an entire year of COVID-19. Thirdly, to blame inflation on Ukraine: U.S. inflation was running close to 9% before Ukraine. Fourthly to say that U.S. inflation is zero, which is an utter equivocation. Let’s vote out Democrats, who gave us reckless spending, which 230 noted economists declare to be our root cause of inflation.

— Dr. Michael Hogan, Monterey