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Do better Mr. President

“Do better Mr. President,” Monterey Herald – July 7, 2022

Dear Mr. President, I would like to ask you why hate America and Americans so much? You and your family have prospered in this country, becoming multi-millionaires. Your economic program has made Americans poorer.  Food is up 15%, electricity is up 200%, gasoline is up 38% in my area.  Yet salaries are not going up that fast. Most of us are getting 2.5%-4% increases.  Your policies are making us poorer.

You say the unemployment rate is low, but the Labor Participation Rate has not hit the level it was before the lockdowns. In 2019 it was 63.3%, during the lockdowns it went down to 59.5%, May of 2022 it was 62.3%.  That equals 103,418,000 people still out of work. Those who did not get the COVID jabs are on unpaid leaves of absence, losing their salaries and benefits.  The info is from your government website. Things are not better.

Are you trying to bankrupt the country?  Your policies are certainly doing a bang-up job of putting us further into debt that we can’t pay. Now you and your party are raising taxes on us in your Build Back Better/Inflation Reduction Act of 2022.

What you are doing is reckless, unless you are ushering the World Economic Forum’s take over of the country.

— Sharon Field, Salinas