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The new deal is a raw deal

“The new deal is a raw deal,” Monterey Herald – July 21, 2022

Zoe Lofgren’s elite Silicon Valley donors are making millions with her progressive caucus votes in Congress. Let’s examine the effects on the majority of residents of District 18: 1) Skyrocketing gas prices due to her war on clean American natural gas and petroleum; 2) Highest inflation in 41 years from her votes on reckless spending ($2.7 trillion in the name of COVID that was given away to her donors and other random far-left causes); 3) Increased national air pollution due to import of $165 billion of dirty Russian oil and increase in US coal burning due to overreliance on solar; 4) PG&E rates 80 percent higher than US average due to enormous solar subsidies; 5) Burgeoning crime rates due to her support of defunding police. Let’s vote for Peter Hernandez, who will represent the real majority of hard-working people in District 18.

— Dr. C. Michael Hogan, Monterey County