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The Lockean Project

Violation of free enterprise

“Violation of free enterprise,” Monterey Herald – June 5, 2022

The Seaside City Council, at its May 19 meeting, voted 3-1 to deny a permit for a local marijuana dispensary to expand. This dispensary is already open for business in Seaside. It was seeking to expand. It is disappointing that the City Council will stand in the way of Seaside residents, business development, and economic growth. This is what businesses strive to do. When they are successful, businesses grow, expand, and hire. The permit denial stands in direct opposition to prosperity. It doesn’t matter the type of business. Dispensary or otherwise, the government should not prevent business owners from enjoying success and growth. Business owners and consumers are the proper entities to make business decisions and determine whether businesses fail or succeed. Not city council. Why do these council members feel that they should have this power over others to deny business expansion in the first place? Why put limits on permits at all? It is a violation of free enterprise. It is a violation of liberty. It is a violation of the non-aggression principle. It is a violation of freedom of association. And it does not make economic sense. The council should reconsider this foolish decision.

— Chris Kramer, Seaside