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No Second Amendment for people living in China

“No Second Amendment for people living in China,” Monterey Herald – April 19, 2022

The residents of Shanghai, China, have been starving since the draconian April 5 COVID-19 lockdown. The streets are ghost-town empty. Little or no food is being delivered in a city of 25 million people. Videos flood the internet with scenes of desperate screams of starving people from high-rise windows. Many residents are locked inside their homes from the outside. It is a true Orwellian hellscape.

If only the Chinese people could fight back. But they cannot. They do not have the Second Amendment in Communist Party China. Only the police and the government can have guns.

Funny, this seems to be the same anti-gun position touted by Democrats and President Biden. They want to prevent people from defending themselves. Instead of talking about crimes against humanity in Red China or high crime rates in our cities, or high inflation, Biden pushes to disarm America.

Is there some reason why Biden wants to make Americans defenseless? Are draconian lockdowns in our future?

— Lawrence Samuels, Carmel