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The price of gas

“The price of gas”, Carmel Pine Cone – March 11, 2022

Alrighty then. Fuel has broken the $6 dollar-a-gallon mark locally, and I think we need to take a look at why. Other than the fact that our president all but shut down oil production in the United States, it seems that Democrats are pushing an agenda to force us all into electric everything. I agree that electric is wonderful in concept, and we should all look forward to the day when we can move away from oil. I do not agree that the time is now, however. Maybe someday they will figure it out how to mine lithium and mercury and not tear up the environment, but not now.

Take a look at the largest lithium mines and ask yourself if you would want to live near one. Also, the small matter of disposing of used car and truck batteries is not all that easy or sustainable. Smelting seems to be the chosen method for now.

As an owner of heavy equipment and large trucks, I would love nothing more than to not hear them run. Unfortunately, that technology is not here yet on a large enough scale. Meanwhile, our own government is using a lot of lame excuses why oil is so costly these days. Mostly, though, it is because of an agenda to go green and put lots of dollars into a lot of elites’ pockets. No one in our government seems to really care about people trying to earn a living. If you have been to the grocery store lately, you know what I mean.

If politicians concerned themselves more with the people of this country and not just on “how do I get re-elected,” we would all be better off.

Tom Nassetta, Carmel