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Feast of Lanterns

“Feast of Lanterns”, Monterey Herald—Feb. 15, 2022

It saddens me that a radical few seek to do away with one of the city’s most impactful events which benefit everyone – the Feast of Lanterns.

This is a fun annual community celebration; but it also gives several young women and men in our local community the opportunity to develop their poise, public speaking abilities and to represent our community in public.  When I was on the city council this was actually one of my favorite events; because the students who participate often start out shy and awkward at first.  By the end, they have their business cards, are confident in giving them out, work together doing coordinated presentation, and have developed poise as well as public speaking and presentation skills.

It is also an opportunity for the whole community to come together to see them enact a love story and entertain the hundreds of people who come to the city for the play.  I always appreciated the many volunteers who helped make this event happen and – even before I was elected to the council – went to Feast of Lanterns fundraising events and contributed to them for the benefit of the kids.

There is nothing racist about it; and I think those who are against the Feast of Lanterns are also against the students and volunteers who tirelessly work on this event, the benefits it provides to our young people, the traditions of Pacific Grove, and the family values it represents.

— Rudy Fischer, Pacific Grove