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Vaccination of children very disturbing

“Vaccination of children very disturbing”, Carmel Pine Cone, not published, submitted January 28, 2022

The pressure from many sources to vaccinate children against Covid is very disturbing  To date, 727 children from birth to 18 years of age have died in this country of Covid since the beginning of the pandemic, this out of 848,393 US deaths overall.  Almost without exception, all of those unfortunate children had other major health issues.  Possibly these shots might have saved those particular children, equally possibly, they may not have done so due to the severity of the children’s pre-existing illnesses.  But to push these “vaccinations” on perfectly healthy children amounts to massive child abuse.  Over 93 percent of all Covid deaths these past couple of years have been of people 50 and older.  Children are simply not at risk of death from the virus.
These shots are not vaccinations at all.  Vaccines emplace immunity; these do not.

These shots may lessen symptoms for 3 or 4 months at best.  None have been properly vetted by longstanding FDA standards, and there have been many incidents of serious, long-lasting illness and death resulting from the “vaccinations” (commonly ignored by major media and censored by Big Tech).  This muzzling of information should, at the very least, drive suspicion in an intelligent population.

The government, mass media, and many medical sources initially claimed it would require only a single vaccination for lifelong immunity.  Now they are calling for a first and second vaccination, with an open number of “booster” shots.  None of which are preventing infections.  Remember when we still laughed at the concept of snake-oil salesmen?

Richard S. Hellam, Seaside