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The future of schools

“The future of schools”, Carmel Pine Cone—Nov. 19, 2021

The recent election of a Republican governor in a solidly blue state shines a light on the importance of education as a political issue. Virginia parents made it clear they want government out of their school system. Without their vote, Glenn Youngkin would not have prevailed.

Let me shine that light on the State of California: Solidly blue, with a school system once the best in the nation but is now among the worst. What happened?

Among a litany of things were the establishment of the state education department in the 1980s and the politicization of teachers’ union.

As school lockdowns have made clear, teachers unions are more interested in themselves than in their responsibility to educate their student body. Why did Randi Weingarten, president American Federation of Teachers, support Terry McCauliffe for Virginia governor? Certainly not in the interest of students and their parents.

In effect, the future promises more social equity indoctrination and less time spent on the basic three R’s.

It is time to re-imagine and re-invigorate California’s public school system. Virginia has shown us the way.

Roland Martin, Carmel Valley