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Democratic bill is actually about social safety net

“Democratic bill is actually about social safety net”, Monterey Herald – Oct. 5. 2021

Nothing but hysteria and hyperventilation coming out of Washington these days. Every issue from statues to vaccine mandates have become political footballs, especially the $3.5 trillion “infrastructure” bill, which is really not about rebuilding roads and bridges. It’s about “the safety net” to include lots of freebies. These include free community college, free pre-kindergarten, free dental, vision and hearing for seniors and free Medicaid for the undocumented. The bill, which is stuck in limbo, is 2,500 pages. Has anyone read it? My message to President Biden (good ole moderate Joe) is that you don’t have a mandate for this kind of spending. You are 50/50 in the Senate and the House has only an extra handful of loyal Democrats. You and your party have been hijacked by the progressive Left, and that infrastructure bill as well as your presidency is in danger of failing.

— Carol Marquart, Pacific Grove