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When will nightmare end?

“When will nightmare end?”, Monterey Herald and MC Weekly—Unpublished, submitted 8-27-2021

When is this nightmare going to end?

The Delta variant is one of the common effects of a virus. There will be more variants so how many will cause you to stop using these mandates?  When will you realize that the vaccinated are getting Covid and are spreading the virus too.  This is not a variant from just the unvaccinated. There are fully vaccinated people ending up in the hospital not just unvaccinated. The masks do not fully work so what is the reason for mandates?  Mandates are not laws and the board of supervisors can not make laws.

Your oath of office is to support and defend our rights so why are you violating them when our rights are never on hold. The virus will always be around just like any other illness when will you allow citizens to make their own health decisions after 18 months?

We deserve better by our elected officials and elections have consequences.

Marilyn Pisano Galli | Carmel