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Eviction moratorium a blow to the rule of law

“Eviction moratorium a blow to the rule of law”, Monterey Herald – Aug. 15, 2021

If Rochelle Walensky, the director of the CDC, can make decisions that only Congress is allowed to make, like extending the eviction moratorium, then what is to stop anyone in the political majority from doing anything? The Supreme Court even ruled that this must stop, but they are continuing the moratorium. For some people, the rental income they collect from their property is the only money they make. How are they supposed to survive? During the worst days of communist oppression in the Soviet Union, private property was essentially seized at will by the government with no compensation to the owners. Homeowners were often forced to house multiple families in their home, against their will. Is that where we are now? Is our democracy and the rule of law really lost?

— Mary Larkin, Monterey